Being a mom in the 21st century, yikes!  Do any of us know what we are doing?  Some of us might fake it, or tell ourselves that we know it all when it comes to parenting, but lets be real- no one has ALL of the answers.Parenting is learned from experiences.  Parenting is learned from, lets face it, our own parents.  Parenting is learned from others.  And lastly, parenting is learned from Google (yes, I said it!).My husband and I never claim to be the perfect parents.  We try our very hardest and put intentional thought in just about all that we decide, but realize that although our kids are raised by the two same people, they are build differently.Parenting is FUN.  We (especially me) LOVE being parents.  I know that I am in my prime of life currently, I have looked forward to this phase since I can remember.Parenting is hard as heck, but I love the challenges it brings.  I love the relationships it has brought.  I love the love that it brings.

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